Our patent translators are thoroughly familiar with patent-specific technical terms, how the content of patents is organized, the vocabulary of the different classes of patents and the formatting and layout of patent specifications.

In order to maintain our high quality standards we usually proceed according to the following principles:

  Project Analysis 

Your order is analysed in respect of the subject and the technical area in order to gather the necessary reference material. We also prepare a schedule in accordance with the agreed date of delivery.

  Preparation of a Terminology List 

We prepare a terminology list for the relevant patent sector, in which it is also possible to integrate reference material specific to your firm.


During translation particular emphasis is placed on accuracy and a standard specialized vocabulary. If ambiguities or errors are discovered in the source text we inform you of this and deal with them according to your wishes.

  Detailed Final Reading

Every translation is thoroughly inspected in respect of technical aspects, completeness, orthography and linguistic expression.

  Formatting und Layout 

Format and layout strictly follow your specifications. Scanning in and editing the drawings is also performed according to your preferences, and at a reasonable fixed price for each page of drawings.


Meeting deadlines even under pressure of time is given highest priority.


You receive a report on matters that should be pointed out in connection with the translation process.

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